DAPU won the 2018 China Informatization Artificial Intelligence Excellent Program Award


——Processing In Storage (PIS) Solution

On December 11, 2018, Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DAPU) was invited to participate in 'The 11th ChinaCio Annual Conference' hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute. DAPU intelligent data storage technology solution - Processing In Storage (PIS), won the '2018 China Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Excellent Program Award'.


As the annual grand event for the Chinese information executives, the “ChinaCio Annual Conference” has been successfully held for 10 consecutive sessions. The 2018 11th China Information Supervisor Annual Meeting invited the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, academicians of the two academies, well-known scholars, CIOs and technical directors from government, manufacturing, medical, finance, education, retail and other industries, to exchange experiences, seek innovation, and deeply interpret the digital transformation of enterprises. This award recognizes that DAPU Intelligent Storage Solution PIS is highly recognized by industry and experts in the field of artificial intelligence.


As we all know, in the era of big data-driven artificial intelligence, the traditional separated computing and storage architecture is hard to meet the needs of data-intensive applications represented by artificial intelligence algorithms. DAPU's intelligent data storage technology solution aims at the fusion of computing and storage, and innovates the SSD controller architecture based on PIS technology, implementing the calculations closer to data especially for data-intensive computing, using machine learning algorithm as the core to explore intelligent data management and storage control technology. This solution is targeting to break the 'storage wall' constraints, and therefore have important implications for driving big data storage computing for artificial intelligence.

In the round-table dialogue session of the conference forum, Dr. Yang Yafei, founder and CEO of Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and five other guests, held a brilliant discussion on the application of information technology and enterprise digital transformation, information technology trends and integration. Dr. Yang Yafei mentioned that in the era of digital transformation, traditional industries have also released massive amounts of data. New business scenarios represented by autonomous driving and industrial Internet Of Things require a large amount of low-latency storage and computing. The intelligent PIS SSD developed by DAPU will better meet the new demands and new industry trends generated by applications such as cloud computing and edge computing.



Dr. Yang Yafei, founder and CEO of DAPU

At the conference, DAPU also officially joined the China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Cloud System Alliance) and became the directory membership unit of the Cloud System Alliance. Dr. Yang Yafei, CEO of DAPU, became the executive member of the Cloud System Alliance council.

The Cloud System Alliance was announced at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 13, 2013. It is the first national alliance in China with the core concept of “Cloud-Network-Endpoint” system, it is also an important support unit for China’s national big data strategy, national artificial intelligence Strategy. The Alliance aims to promote the international exchange, independent innovation, leap-forward development and ecosystem construction of China's cloud industry, aiming at establishing an internationally influential, cross-section, inter-disciplinary, cross-industry and inter-regional integrated communication platform, it introduces the advanced concepts and technical experience of the international cloud system, emphasizing the organic combination of various social resources such as government, industry, academic institute and financial capital.

As an important new member of the Cloud System Alliance, DAPU will actively participate in and organize related industry exchanges. Relying on its own technology accumulation, DAPU will openly cooperate with customers in various industries to provide with high-performance, secure and optimized intelligent PIS data storage solutions.