The Housewarming Ceremony of R&D Center in Chengdu


On the morning of May 30, 2018, the colleagues of Shenzhen Dapu Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu R&D Center held a housewarming ceremony at the new office of Chuanxin Building.


Since its establishment, Chengdu R&D Center has been responsible for the research and development of SSDs, and the staff structure has begun to take shape, mainly from well-known enterprises in the industry. This move not only means that the company's development in Chengdu is stable and rapid, and indicates that the company will flourish in the new environment.


CEO Yafei Yang made a speech that the company's recent development momentum is good, while product research and development has entered a new milestone, and the market has also made new progress. He hoped that all the colleagues will have new processes, new opportunities and new breakthroughs in the new environment. All team members are working hard to complete the company's strategic planning as soon as possible.