StorageReview - DapuStor Haishen3 H3200 NVMe SSD Review


DapuStor is an enterprise SSD solution provider that provides enterprise and datacenter customers the complete intelligent storage technology, products and solutions with higher performance, lower power consumption and easier maintenance, as well as customized features such as Zoned Namespace. Haishen3 H3200 series features the latest KIOXIA 96L 3D eTLC NAND and is powered by an enterprise Marvell controller, and is designed for applications like in data centers, video surveillance and edge computing. DapuStor Haishen3 H3200 supports professional customizations and is offered in U.2 and HHHL form factors in capacities ranging from 960GB to 7.68TB, with an endurance rating of 1DWPD.

StorageReview - DapuStor Haishen3 H3200 NVMe SSD Review

The H3200 is equipped with a range of features that focus on keeping data safe, such as end-to-end data protection on both Firmware and hardware path, including DDR ECC, LDPC, power loss protection. Performance-wise, the DapuStor H3200 is quoted to reach sequential speeds up to 3,578MB/s read and 2,559MB/s write, while random 4k performance is expected to hit as high as 832,000 IOPS read and 101,000 IOPS write.

Recently StorageReview Enterprise Test Lab conducted the detailed comparative tests with the similar products including Intel P4610, Huawei ES3000, Memblaze PBlaze C926.

The H3200 showed great results, take the Houdini test for example: the DapuStor H3200 performed well with 2,733 seconds(the shorter the better), placing it in the upper-mid part of the leaderboard just behind the Samsung EVO Plus. And it is better than the same level of products listed in this leaderboard such as Memblaze PBblaze5 916, Intel P4510, Samsung SM1725a, etc.

StorageReview - DapuStor Haishen3 H3200 NVMe SSD Review

The DapuStor H3200 is the latest NVMe SSD that allows for a variety of flexible enterprise storage application to keep costs down. During the StorageReview tests, The small OP H3200 performed excellent among compared with a range of other SSDs providers, including the Intel, Samsung, Huawei Etc.. and on the other hand, H3200 brings around 20~30% lower power consumption to lower TCO.

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