DapuStor Enterprise NVMe SSD - Roealsen5

The DapuStor R5 Series is designed and built on DapuStor DP600 controller firmware with the latest 3D enterprise TLC NAND from KIOXIA. Such a unique combination creates industry-leading SSDs with high speed, superior reliability, low latency, and excellent power efficiency, bringing optimised TCO to enterprise IT and cloud facilities. DapuStor R5 series is an ideal solution for core data storage scenarios in different fields, such as enterprise IT, logistics, Internet, finance, intelligent manufacturing, and AI.

DapuStor - Roealsen5 B5 SSD (EN)

DapuStor - Roealsen5 B5 SSD (EN) Dual Port

Advanced Features:

lSupport dual port

lFlash Raid 2.0 tolerating multiple flash die failures without affecting service and performance

lLatest NVMe 1.a key features

lAdvanced power loss protection that protects user data against power failure in various scenarios.

lNine levels of adjustable power consumption: more convenient operation, maintenance, and better TCO.

Superior Performance:

DapuStor R5 series PCIe Gen4 SSD offers a 100% improvement in bandwidth and IOPS performance compared with the Haishen3 series.  In terms of latency, thanks to the new DP600 controller having carried out many optimisations on the IO path, the Roealsen5 series has significantly improved latency and QoS under mixed read-write scenarios. 

Industry Mainstream NAND Flash: 

DapuStor R5 Series is equipped with the latest 112L 3D NAND Flash from KIOXIA, realising an extremely high-power efficiency.  It reduces NAND Retry at the system level through innovative machine learning technologies that predict the NAND workload in complex scenarios to prevent systemic failures.

 Computing And Storage Converged Platform: 

The DapuStor DP600 controller for PCIe 4.0 SSD has a built-in APPLICATION processor and the DPU-Link heterogeneous computing interface. It delivers faster speed when running Linux, conveniently transplants applications and algorithms, and improves system efficiency for database, AI, and big data applications. 

Product Spec:  


(Product Code Name)

Form Factor
U.2 15mm
InterfacePCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.4a
Read Bandwidth (128KB) MB/s62007400620074007400740074007400
Write Bandwidth (128KB) MB/s26005350260053505700650057006500
Random Read (4KB) KIOPS10001750100017501750175017501750
Random Write (4KB) KIOPS120240240540280320550640
4K Random Lantency(Typ.)R/W µs65/9
4K Sequential Latency (Typ.) R/W μs8/9
PowerTypical: ≤ 18 W, Idle: ≤ 6.5 WTypical: ≤ 20.5 W, Idle: ≤ 7 W
Flash TypeKIOXIA 3D NAND, 112 layer, 4 plane eTLCKIOXIA 3D NAND, 112 layer, 2 plane eTLC
UBER1 sector per 10^17 bits read
MTBF2 million hours
Lifetime5 yrs


(Product Code Name)

Form FactorU.2 15mm
InterfacePCIe 4.0 2×2, NVMe 1.4a

Read Bandwidth (128KB) MB/s37003700370037003700370037003700
Write Bandwidth (128KB) MB/s15001500285028501500150028502850
Random Read (4KB) KIOPS875875875875875875875875
Random Write (4KB) KIOPS8585140140170170275275
4K Random Lantency(Typ.)R/W µs65/9
4K Sequential Latency (Typ.) R/W μs8/9
PowerTypical:  ≤ 20.5 W, Idle: ≤ 7 W
Flash TypeKIOXIA 3D NAND, 112 layer, 2 plane Enterprise TLC
UBER1 sector per 10^17 bits read
MTBF2 million hours
Lifetime5 yrs

*Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual test results.