Xlenstor Gen2
Xlenstor Gen2

DapuStor Newest SCM SSD

As the latest generation enterprise SCM SSD of DapuStor, Xlenstor Gen2 series provides a new level of enterprise SSD storage solutions for data-intensive and high workload environments such as data centers. It is designed for large and complex data sets with low latency, long service life, high performance, end-to-end data protection, VSS, Multi Namespace, NVMe MI and other enterprise-class features.  Catering to the increasingly demanding workloads of enterprise storage, cloud services, and the high developing networking technologies.



Fast Performance Accelerates Business Applications:

Xlenstor Gen2 series supports PCIe 4.0 and 4K random read/write IOPS up to 1800/1140K, which improves overall storage system performance and reduces space in data centers and optimizes the using experiences in data caching and acceleration, AI training, and big data analysis scenarios. 

Lower Latency and Quicker Response:

Xlenstor Gen2 series provides quick response with extremely low random read/write latency, less than 21.5µs to read and 7.5µs to write.

Higher Endurance and Longer Lifetime:

By adopting specially SLC-level enterprise high-quality FAST NAND, Xlenstor Gen2 series'endurance can be up to 100 DWPD (5 years), which can effectively reduce customer's maintenance costs. When used as a cache, Xlenstor Gen2 series can prolong the service life of other relatively low-cost NAND flash storage components of the data center. It is a great choice for write intensive applications such as hyper-computing, intelligent AI scenarios and metadata processing.

Key Features:

l Enterprise single/dual port

l Flash Raid 2.0, tolerating multiple flash die failure without affecting

l service and performance

l Latest NVMe 1.4a key features

l Support firmware online upgrade

l Advanced power loss protection

l Multi-level adjustable power consumption

l Support on-demand customization

Product Spec:

Model NoX2900X2900P
Capacity800GB1.6 TB400GB800GB
Form FactorU.2 15mmU.2 15mm



PCIe 4.0x4, 2*PCIe 4.0x2,  NVMe 1.4aPCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.4a

Bandwidth: 7450/ 6900 MB/s

IOPS ( SS ) : 1800/ 600 K 

RR Latency:  21.5µs 

RW Latency:  9.5µs

Bandwidth: 7460/ 7060 MB/s 

IOPS ( SS ) : 1800/ 640 K 

RR Latency:  21.5µs 

RW Latency:  9.5µs

Bandwidth: 7460/ 7060 MB/s 

IOPS ( SS ) : 1800/ 1140 K 

RR Latency:  21.5µs 

RW Latency:  7.5µs

Bandwidth: 7460/ 7060 MB/s 

IOPS ( SS ) : 1800/ 1130 K 

RR Latency:  21.5µs 

RW Latency:  7.5µs



Active: < 18 W, idle: 5 WActive: < 18 W, idle: 5 W
Flash TypeKIOXIA 96L BiCS4 XL-FlashKIOXIA 96L BiCS4 XL-Flash
Endurance60 DWPD100 DWPD
MTBF2.5 million hours
UBER1 sector per 10^17 bits read

*Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual test results.